Brad and Patty Wos
Brad and Patty serve as campus ministry leaders in South Africa with MTW and the Student Y ministry at the University of Capetown, which is a Reformed campus ministry that reaches out to future leaders.  Their long term goal is to train nationals to start a church planting movement to reach the Hindus of Africa.

Darin Wipf
Darin’s work in Romania is multi-faceted invoving evangelism, discipleship and family ministry to Romania’s next generation of business, political and family leaders.

Glenn and Gayle Beckwith
Glenn and Gayle are missionaries with Mission to Unreached People ministering in Bangkok, Thailand. Glenn focuses primarily on training men as exemplary Christian leaders in business and government.  Gayle focuses primarily on evangelistic outreach to women and children through mercy ministries.

Other Outreach Ministries of Grace Covenant Church

Soli Deo Gloria (to God alone be the glory) Chapel at Bosselman’s Truck Plaza is a ministry of Grace Covenant Church and Trucker’s Christian Chapel Ministries (TCCM). TCCM was formed several decades ago when Glenn Cope, a Christian truck driver felt the call of God to get off the road and start Christian chapels in truck stops across the nation.  He was burdened for Christian drivers who could rarely make it to church as well as those who were lost.

In October of 1993, Glenn Cope came to the church that Nick and Marti Tubbs were attending and presented the ministry at Bosselman Truck Stop.  Nick and Marti were in between churches and felt that God was leading them to help get the ministry started. Although they had no intention of remaining with the ministry, after some months they began to feel more comfortable and had begun to receive appreciation from the drivers for the strong Bible teaching.

Today, Soli Deo Gloria Chapel is both Reformed and “old school”, conservative Presbyterian. This separates the chapel from every other chapel in the nation. Besides leading a Sunday morning service, Nick and Marti also spend one-on-one time with drivers answering questions, counseling and prayer.

Mission to the Omaha Native Tribe is an annual event in which we send a group of teenagers and adults to the Omaha Reservation to teach VBS and complete various service projects.

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